God had His hand in this election since the beginning.  Who was this Barack Obama we all asked?  We did not know much about him and to be honest, we did not think he would make it this far.  The 2004 Democratic Presidential nominee, John Kerry invited Senator Obama to speak at the Democratic National Convention.  He was poised, intelligent, and sharp and he made a connection to the people of America.  This was a portrait of an African-American that we had not seen on a national scale.


God put it in his heart to seek the highest office in the land and he listened.  He launched his campaign and what a campaign.  We can see that God was in his campaign.  God cleared the path.  He had to get past the general elections.  He then had to go head to head with Hillary Clinton and we won.  He was connecting with people of all races, backgrounds, and ages.  He survived the right wing media and the independent media by staying focused and poised.  He did not sweat the small stuff at all.  Jesus was the same way, He did not get frazzled when people through stones at him.


God is not limited to a political party.  As I have said in my book for the past two years, Pray Before You Vote!  Jesus Is Not a Democrat or a Republican!  Jesus Is Lord, God is no respecter of a person and He can use a Democrat or a Republican!  Today, and for the next four years, He will use a Democrat who is saved and has the heart of Jesus.  Yes, he has accepted Jesus as his personal savior, even though some Christians are questioning that.  See my post on Obama’s Faith.  I know many of us want to limit Jesus to issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage only, but we also know that Jesus cared about His people. 


If we are who we say we are in Christendom, we will not instill fear in the people of God, but we will stand and pray for the nation and our next President.  Just as we were patient with President Bush as he “walked out his salvation”, we need the same type of prayer and patience for President Obama.  Racial walls have just been torn down.  Jesus reached out to the Jews and the Gentiles.  For years we have turned our backs on nations and different groups of people.  God wants us to reach them with the message of Jesus Christ as well.  Many countries looked down on America because of the blemish of slavery.  That blemish has been wiped a way!


For years, we have limited God to the Republican Party.  We have made God a right-winger!  Well, I believe we can find the characteristics in both parties as I state in my book.  For the last eight years, we have focused on moral issues.  I honor President Bush for standing firm and making those decisions that are foundational to our country.  I thank God for President Bush and his leadership even though outside factors made it seem as if he was totally responsible.  He was not.  He had the most diverse cabinet in the history of the United States.  He embraced diversity.  I admire him for that.  He stayed strong when everyone bailed out on him.  Senator McCain ran a good race, but he missed out on the Christian vote because he did not talk about Christ a lot.  He disconnected himself from President Bush just as Al Gore disconnected himself from President Clinton.  God used President Bush for a season and pray that he and his family will continue to be blessed and allow God use them even after they leave the oval office. 


Now the arms are changing.  God wants us to get back to the basics and focus on the love of Jesus Christ.  We have misrepresented Jesus and God has started judgment in his house.  Ministries are falling left and right because we have neglected the message of Jesus Christ.  We do not even love each other!


I believe we need to still educate the unsaved on the word of God by evangelizing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I believe that in our evangelism efforts, we have lost the love message.  The Bible says that Jesus is love!  Jesus preached about love more than anything else.  When the Pharisees brought the woman caught in adultery to Jesus, He did not say, send her to Hell.  Instead He said, let him who is without sin cast the first stone. He told her to go and sin no more.  We need to tell those who are involved in homosexuality, adultery, fornication, and those who have had abortions, to go and sin no more.  The woman who was caught in adultery turned her heart to Jesus because he did not condemn her but He showed her love!  What a testimony!  What a way to win souls!


When the Pharisees bragged about tithing, Jesus said you hypocrites, you give your tithes, but you are neglecting the more important things of the law such as justice, mercy and faithfulness.  He said these things you ought to have done without leaving the others undone!  (Matthew 23)


Why would Jesus continuously point out the hypocrisy in the Pharisees when the Pharisees “thought” they were doing the right things?  He called them a generation of vipers!  This is because they had adopted a religious spirit. 


While I believe that our heart is in the right place and we want to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and we desire that all souls be saved, and I certainly do, we have to be careful not to loose the message of love that Jesus preached!  He said that He would draw all men unto Him.  How will He do this?  He will do it with love.  I am saved today because someone showed me love.  I am not saved because I was beat over the head about my sins, but because someone showed me the love of Christ.  We have run people off from the church and we have A.W.O.L. saints who have left because we did not show the love of Christ.  (I’m writing a book on this now!)  We have lost the love message and we have replaced it with laws.  Jesus said we are putting a yoke on them that we cannot even handle.


This love transformed my heart, healed me and gave me the desire to share the love of Christ with others.  I can win more souls for Christ with honey than a lemon!  I declare to walk in love with the unsaved and win more souls.  Barack Obama won with a message of hope and a heart of love.  Yes, we need to pray against abortion, same-sex marriage, homosexuality and lesbian, but let use God’s way to witness to those who are lost so that their souls are saved.  Let us stop turning people against the gospel of Jesus Christ.


My charge to Christians is to get back to the basics.  Come out of the churches, the big mansions, get off the private jets, from behind the 501c3s, from the behind your empires, from behind the laws, and come out to meet God’s people.  They are hungry for an answer.  Right now, they are finding hope in our new President.  God has allowed him to progress up to this point.  God removed all barriers for him to get here.  Sure we can say, Christians did not get out and vote.  Actually many Christians got out and voted and the economy was not the number one issue.  The love of Christ was the number one issue!  Hope won this election.  Let us get back to love!


Let us pray for President Obama as we prayed for President Bush.  Let us pray that God will strengthen him in his decision-making.  Let us pray for the safety of his family.  Let us pray that God will give him the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Samson, the fearlessness of David, the love of Jesus, the leadership of Abraham.  Let us pray for Michelle that she will be the Proverbs 31 woman and the girls will be blessed and protected.  Do you still believe in prayer?  God said that He can turn the heart of King.  For those areas that you feel that President Obama needs growth in, pray and watch God move.  Remember Senator Obama has professed Christ as his personal savior.  Let us not run him away by bashing and not walking in love.  Remember we all had to be transformed and are still being transformed through Christ Jesus.  Right wing preachers reach out to him and pray.  He is your President too!


God is using a Democrat!  Check your hearts and watch what you say.  Make sure you are not dealing with racism and jealousy.  Speak blessings and not cursing on this family and this nation.  God is not limited to a party; he will use whomever He wants.  Do not instill fear in the people.  Remember hope won this election.  Jesus is our hope, not President Obama.  He just used Senator Obama to revive the message of hope!


Welcome President Obama and family!  Let God use you.  We will be praying for God to surround you with the right people and that you will seek God daily for wisdom, guidance and understanding.  We pray that you will lead the nation with the wisdom of God.  We pray that we will give you room to grow and stumble.  Just keep moving towards God.


God bless the Obama family and God bless America!


If you are truly serious about praying, please visit the new site, Pray After You Vote!, www.prayafteryouvote.org.  Pray Before You Vote will still be available, but now it is time to continue praying President Bush as he exits and pray for Pray President Obama as he enters.  Let us pray for the nation! 

 I saw this quote that I have to share, “Rosa sat, so Martin could walk, Martin walked, so Obama could run, Obama ran, so our children could fly”.  This is for all of our children.  Our children will get to see hope because Obama ran.  Let us teach our children the love of Jesus.

Freya S. Williams

Author of Pray Before You Vote!  Jesus Is Not a Democrat or a Republican!  Jesus Is Lord!
















Colin Powell endorsed Senator Barack Obama’s Presidency on Sunday, Meet the Press!  This was a bigger endorsement than even Hillary Clinton.  Colin Powell is a well respected Republican who served as George Bush’s Secretary of State.  While Powell, is a self-professed Republican, he exercised his political independence by endorsing Senator Obama.

This is not sitting well with the Republicans.  While they are blowing off this endorsement as minor, they really wanted and needed this endorsement.  This would have swung the Independent Voter pendulum their way and the independent voters are what the McCain needs to win this election.  While the last election focused on moral issues, this time, it was not so.  McCain has even struggled to connect with extreme right which is also costing him votes.  The get out to vote campaign in the church is not working as it did during the last two elections. 

Many have seen hypocrisy within the Christian community.  Christian icons have fallen:  Ted Haggard, a Pastor who came against homosexuality, was privately practicing it.  He was a major influence in the last election.  This time Christians are seeking God for themselves.  They are not easily swayed by the endorsements of pastors, but are seeking God for themselves.  Some of the pastors endorsed John McCain and not Mike Huckabee, a Pastor.  McCain turned around and denounced the endorsement.  With so much hypocrisy going on, the Independent voters are being just that, Independent!

This is why the Powell endorsement was so important.  Many want to say that he endorsed Senator Obama because he is a black man, but anyone can see that is not true.  Powell stated on Meet the Press, that if that were the case, he would have endorsed him months ago.  He pointed out that he did not endorse McCain because of his pick for Vice President, Sarah Palin.  She is not ready to lead the country were his words.  He also stated he was not happy with the way that McCain has run his campaign.  He thoughtfully and articulately laid out his reasons for Obama and against McCain.

Even with this endorsement, every individual must get out and vote to make their voice heard.  Pray before you vote!  Faith without works is dead so, seek God, ask for wisdom and vote!  God can use a Democrat or a Republican!

Freya S. Williams

Author of Pray Before You Vote!


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President Obama has just nominated the first Hispanic American Woman to the Supreme Court.  Sonia Sotomayor is his pick.  Another ground-breaking decision has been made by President Obama.  She is empathetic to others and will bring the much needed balance to the Supreme Court.  Her background in the Federal Appeals court has prepared her for this new promotion. 

Republicans may find a way to try to oppose her because she is the most controversial on their list.  29 republicans held up her nomination by President Clinton back in 1998.  This is one of the President’s most important decisions and it is a reflection of how he sees the future of the United States.

President Obama continues to lead the country forward despite protests from the Right.  His priority is inclusion and diversity where all people are respected and represented.  This move solidifies his decision to push America to adopt an inclusive attitude and embrace all people.  Sonia Sotomayor is not shy concerning difficult issues.  In one of the more high-profile cases over which Sotomayor presided, she issued an order allowing the Wall Street Journal to publish the July 1993 suicide note of Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster. In another much-publicized case, in March 1995 she issued the preliminary injunction preventing Major League Baseball from unilaterally implementing a new Collective Bargaining Agreement and using replacement players, thereby bringing the 1994 baseball strike to a close. http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=2396

A little background on Sotomayor:

She grew up in the Bronx, New York and is the daughter of Puerto Rican parents.  She is a graduate of Princeton, Michelle Obama’s alma mater.    She earned a Juris Doctor at Yale Law School, President Obama’s alma mater in 1979.  She took a job as an Assistant District Attorney under New York County District Attorney, Robert Mortenthau.

In 1980, she became a Board of Director for the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education fund.  In November 1991, President George H.W. Bush nominated Sotomayor, on the recommendation of Democrat Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, to a seat on the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. She was confirmed by the Senate in August 1992.


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Freya S. Williams, Author of Pray Before You Vote!





Prayer for the Nation

from the book, Pray Before You Vote

By Freya S. Williams


“For the kingdom of God is the Lord’s and rules over all nations”

 Psalm 22:28

Lord in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus, I exalt You this day.  This is the day that You have made and we will rejoice in it.  You are holy, mighty, righteous, loving, just and faithful.  Lord, God we pray for this nation, the United States of America, to turn her heart back to You.  Lord, God this nation was founded on Christian principles and was built on the word of God.  Lord You brought us into Your light.


Lord we repent for this nation because we have turned our backs on You.  You left us a blueprint, the Bible, to follow and we have allowed ungodly legislation to enter law books to govern us.  We have voted for causes that totally contradict Your word and we have neglected to vote.  Lord, for this we apologize.


We apologize for neglecting the poor and the needy and putting our own selfish desires for power and authority before the care of Your people.  Lord we repent for allowing the Ten Commandments and Prayer to be taken out of the schools.  Lord we repent for not teaching our children Your word and Your ways.  Lord we repent for pushing our own agenda ahead of Your agenda.  We repent for not using our rights to vote men and women in office who reflect Your Word.  Forgive us for being unbalanced.  Forgive us for misrepresenting the Christian faith and for being hypocrites.  Lord, unsaved people are watching us and they see hypocrisy and deceit.  Lord, help us to learn to work together to accomplish the greater good for this country.


Lord we come against all ungodly legislation in Jesus name.  We come against lobbyists who commit their time and money to lobby against the Word of God.  We pray that no weapon formed against your people shall prosper and that Your law will override any law that is created on earth.


We pray that You will touch the heart of the President, Presidential Cabinet Members, Senators, Congressmen, Congresswomen, State Representative, Oval Office members, Governors, Mayors, City Council Man and City Council Woman that they will desire to do Your will and vote Your values.  We pray for righteous authority.  You said in Your word that when the righteous are in the authority, the people rejoice.  We pray for righteous leaders to step forth.  We pray for unity in the cabinet and the willingness and desire to work across party lines.


We come against any leaders that would try to stand against Your word.  We pray that they will not prevail.


We come against terrorists and extremist that hate America.  We pray that they will not prevail.  We pray You uncover every terrorist cell and the enemy will not prevail.  We pray You will touch the hearts of enemies so they will come into the light of Jesus.  We pray they will learn about the love of Jesus and His desire to see all men saved and that no man will perish.


We pray for our spiritual leaders:  Apostles, Pastors, Prophets, Evangelists, and Teachers to teach and preach Your word with authority and love.  We pray they will seek Your face and hear Your voice during this hour.  We pray they will share Your word with Your people and direct Your people in the right direction.  Give Your people increased spiritual discernment.  Let us not be fooled by the words of man but give us discernment to see their true fruits.


I come against prejudice, racism, sexism, and ageism.  Lord You said You have no respect of a person and that You will use anyone that You want to use.  I pray for unity in the church.  I pray that Your people will work together to reach lost souls for Jesus Christ.  I also pray that Your people will seek Your face and turn back to You.


I pray that You will give our legislatures wisdom and sensitivity to the needs of Your people.  I pray that You will expose every corrupt and lying spirit.  I pray that You will guide us as we vote on election day.  You said Your people perish because of lack of knowledge.  Help us to do our homework on each candidate.  Help us to seek Your face in prayer and fasting to see what is best for this nation.  Give us the boldness to act on what You speak to us.


We come against ungodly legislation and ungodly bills.  We pray the lobbyists are quitting.  They will not lobby against your word but for your word.  Give them a change of heart in Jesus name. 


We bind deception in Jesus’ name that your people are not deceived by words.  Let your kingdom come and your will be done in Jesus name.  We come against the spirit of hate that is against America.  We speak healing for our land and come against violence in the United States.  Lord we come against poverty, sickness and diseases.


Lord, we pray for our troop’s safety and protection.  We pray that you expose every terrorist cell and every enemy that would try to harm the United States of America.  We push back the hand of the enemy and dispatch Your angels to every member of our armed forces and pray they are covered in the blood of Jesus.  We pray they will have the right equipment to fight this war.  We pray that we will be able to bring them home soon.  We thank You for their sacrifice for our freedom and our country.  Forgive us for not standing in the gap for them.  Forgive us for being critical when we should be prayerful.  Thank You for the freedom that You have given this country.  Give the leaders of our armed forces wisdom and guidance.  We pray for peace among all nations.  We pray that salvation will take place in foreign lands.


We pray You will give the Central Intelligence Agency Your Intelligence which supersedes anything we can think of.  Give them inside knowledge so they can stop the enemy in the planning stages.  Give the Federal Bureau of Investigation Your insight to stop terrorists who would try to hurt innocent people of this nation.  We pray for law enforcement to be fair and just in all of their dealings.  We come against racial profiling in Jesus name.  We pray for sound and just investigations in Jesus name.  We pray for righteous people to enter law enforcement and the government.  Remove every person from these decision-making positions whose heart is far from You in Jesus name.


Lord, we ask that You give our President wisdom and guidance in his decision-making.  Give him a heart for all people.  Give him wisdom to work across party lines.  Give him wisdom to lead and guide Your people.  Give him a heart to help the homeless, elderly, poor, needy, sick, fatherless, motherless, uneducated, teenagers, veterans, minorities, and majorities.  We also pray for healthcare for those who cannot afford it and preventive programs to help our society become healthier.  Put the right people in his path.  Uproot every person whose motives are impure.  Let him not be deceived by familiar spirits but let him test every person to see if they are of God. 


Give us wisdom for the upcoming election.  Lead us in our vote.  Let us seek Your face and vote righteously.  Give us balance and understanding of what You are doing at this hour.  Let us stay away from party lines and vote according to the Word of God.  Let us not be deceived by leaders who have their own agenda.  Lord allow Your Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth in Jesus name.


Lord, we give this nation back to You.  We pray that You will tear down everything that would exalt itself against Your word.  We pray for mercy on the United States of America.  We pray that we will turn our hearts back to You and that we will vote prayer and the Ten Commandments back into the school system.  We give our school system back to You.  We come against crime, premature death, fights and bomb threats.  We pray that school leaders will see the importance of having Christ in school.  We pray You will touch the hearts of the decision-makers and they will turn their hearts to You in Jesus name.


We declare and decree that the United States of America is Your country and it belongs to You.  We give it back to You.  Help us to use our God-given authority to do Your will in Jesus name.




It is Inauguration Day and what a day!  Since the first presidential election in 1789, the highest office in the land has been representative by one group of men, the Caucasian man.  It was inconceivable to think that a Black man could be voted into a position that did not consider a Black man human.  Many barriers were created to keep Blacks from voting including beatings, murders and literacy tests.  When Blacks could finally vote in 1869 because of the passing of the 15th Amendment, the vote was considered three-fifths of a vote. 

I grew up in South, Georgia and we knew prejudice and racism first hand.  We knew what it felt like to be overlooked and discounted.  Even in my adult years, I know what it still feels like to be overlooked and discounted because of the color of your skin.  My love for politics started with Mr. Herman Lodge our City Councilman and Mom, Gloria Sullivan, who fought together to stand up for the rights of African-Americans.  They were inclusive in their efforts to look out for all people.

What I see today gives me hope and shows me that change is evident.  A stronghold has been lifted off of America that has been ever present in society.  An African-American has been elected President of these United States.  He has a diverse lineage that appeals to many people.  God had His hand in this since Martin Luther King, Jr. prophesied this some 40 years ago.  It is destiny that this is happening today, January 20, 2009.

We, all Americans, have overcome barriers that have held us back from coming together in unity.  Racial barriers are now broken!  Religious barriers are now broken!  Gender and age barriers continue to be shattered!  In order to see change, old thing had to pass away for things to become new.  Our government had to broken so it could be rebuilt with integrity, peace, and respect.  Have you ever seen someone hurt their arm and have to break it in order to heal it?  There had to be a temporary pain that had to be endured before healing can take place.  While the pain is still here in America, healing is beginning today with the swearing in of the 44th President of the United States, President Barack Obama.  He placed his hand on the Lincoln Bible and accepted the position as the President of these Untied States.

The same old thinking that worked for over 200 years had to be broken so that our diverse society is reflected.  Now is the time to embrace each other, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.  We have all overcome.  It is now time for us to unite in Government, Politics and the Christian Religion.  Issues that divide Christians should not since we are all Christians. We should be on one accord.

It is time to unite!  To become a part of Christians United in Politics, post your response here.

1.)    Candidates are not completely truthful.  No one knows a person’s heart but God.  Man will say anything to get in office.  John McCain and Sarah Palin are seeking the votes of the religious right and Barack Obama and Joe Biden are seeking the votes of the liberal left.  The Independent votes are up for grab since Hillary Clinton is out.  Endorsing a candidate is like endorsing a wave, you do not know which way the wave will turn.  Take your vote to poll, keep your endorsement to yourself.

2.)    Candidates are fickle – they support the issues that are hot at the time and then when another important issues comes along, they’ll jump on that bandwagon. Barack Obama’s campaign slogan has been “Change” since he announced his bid for presidency.  Now, conveniently John McCain’s message is “Change”.

3.)    You might get “dissed” by the candidates.  They may not want your endorsement.  Take a look at what Senator John McCain did to John Hagee and Rod Parsley.  Also, look at how Senator Barack Obama denounced Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s comments.  Candidates use you when they need you and denounce you when they do not.  Barack Obama is now calling on Bill and Hillary Clinton.  See the blog on Barack Obama needs God and Hillary to win.  www.praybeforeyouvote.blogspot.com

4.)    Organizations could lose their 501c3 – Yes, they could!  Organizations with a Non-profit status can lose its 501c3 status.  While an individual can endorse or denounce anyone they want to, the organization cannot.  Many ministries are setup with the Pastor’s name.  i.e.  So and so Ministries Inc.  Well, it will be hard to distinguish the organization from the ministry.  There are many ministries under investigation now.  While they are showing the compassion of Jesus Christ by helping those who are need, the Bible says they still have to be subject to governing authorities and obey the law.  Be careful because endorsing candidates can bring unwanted attention to the ministry!

5.)    It causes division in the congregation and within the Christian community.  The congregants are looking for direction.  Pastors are divided amongst each other.  Some have even said voting for a political party will send you to Hell.  How extreme, but it is happening.  Within the evangelical community, the votes are split.  Abortion is the moral litmus test on the religious right and social issues are just as important for the Independent voters. 


Pastors should not endorse candidates.  The Pastor’s role is to lead the people of God in the right direction.  If Pastors would teach the congregation the word of God, encourage them to pray and encourage them to get out and vote, then the congregants should make the right decision based on the word of God.  Read Chapter 10 of Pray Before You Vote.  It is a Christian’s Voting Guide.


Freya S. Williams, Author of Pray Before You Vote!

Evangelical Christian Voting Guide



The tables have now turned for the Democrats.  Since the Palin announcements, the polls have started to trickle down for the Democratic Party and slide up on the Republican side.  Many Republicans are energized because of the Palin pick.


So what is the Democratic strategy?  Well the Democrats need God and Hillary to win this election.  The Democrats need God because many Evangelical Christians are supporting McCain out of party loyalty.  Traditionally the Republicans have supported the moral issues, even if they do not change any laws in favor of morals, they have been ingenious in their strategy to keep the Christian vote by saying they are pro-life, for defense, and against social programs.  So while the Republicans haven’t really changed abortion laws, the loyalty is still there.  So pulling this vote will be difficult.


There is still another Christian vote to consider.  This vote belongs to Christians who are pro-life and for social issues.  Right now the economy is in a mess.  Right now, the middle class is suffering.  Healthcare is not available to many working people because they have to choose to eat, buy gas or get healthcare.  There are limited opportunities for people who make minimum wages.  Jobs are being lost in America.  The dollar is not going far at all.  So while these Christians are pro-life, they are still living in America.  They have seen that laws have not changed in the last 8 years concerning abortion.  Whether the law to end abortion is legislated or not, it will always be up to the individual person to have or not have an abortion.  Those who make that decision will have to live with that decision for the rest of their lives.  So while the moral litmus test has been abortion, these Christians want to know what about healthcare, what about education for my children, what about fair wages, what about help for small businesses, help for the mortgage crisis, what about soaring gas prices?  To win this election, these are the Christians that Senator Obama will need to reach out to.


He will need to seek God and ask for wisdom for this strategy.  More than ever, Christian Democrats need to tap into the resource of God, which is the Word of God and prayer and ask God for guidance.  The Republicans have tapped into this and have a strategy for this.  Keep dangling the issue of abortion and let us keep our faith-based programs.  While we need faith-based programs and they are vitally important to help churches reach out to the community, let’s be careful about how we use it and how we let this determine who we should vote for.  Both parties have stated that they support these programs.  Senator Obama has pointed out that there we should not discriminate against those who don’t value our beliefs.  Discrimination is against the law anyway.  We can discriminate based on sex, national origin, gender, etc. 


In addition to God, Hillary is also instrumental.  Hillary’s supporters were Hillary’s supporters.  Many people felt hurt when Hillary wasn’t selected for the Vice Presidential nominee.  These people supported Hillary because they liked Hillary.  Some were supporters of the issues that Democrats represent, some of were loyal to Hillary.  As I state in my book, Pray Before You Vote, people should not be loyal to political parties, a certain gender, race, or ethnicity.  When we seek God in voting decisions, God will give wisdom and guidance.  When praying, ask God, what is Your will?  God knows what the country is going through.  He gives us a voice that can be translated into a vote. 


Hillary had 19 million supporters!  That is a lot of voters that were left on the table.  They are looking for direction and trying to find a place to go.  The McCain team went after those voters specifically by choosing Palin.  This was a great strategy.  I’m still waiting to see who Palin really is.  All I have seen thus far is she has a great personality, sharp and sarcastic tone, and I’ve heard she’s hockey mom who put a plane up for sale on eBay.  While these things are exciting, I’m still looking for the real Palin.  She is dealing with her daughter’s pregnancy at young age, just as my Mom had to deal with mine when I was young.  I am seeing a lot of exploitation and double standards on this in the Christian community.  Let’s be careful to make sure our motives are right.  On a popular news network, when discussing Brittany’s Spears’ little sister’s pregnancy, the parents were called pinheads.  When asked about Palin’s daughter, it was a private matter.  When discussing Hillary’s complaint of sexism, Palin said she is setting women back by saying.  When speaking of Palin, they said it’s not fair.  Look at the double-standards.


Obama needs Clinton win this!  In my earlier article, I mentioned how Barak and Deborah in the book of Judges worked together to defeat Jabin’s army.  They worked together to win.  The same needs to happen here as well.  They’ll need to work together to pull those votes back.  Some people are not ready for a Black president.  On a c-span, a caller said he would vote for a monkey before he voted for a Black President.  Those people still exist.  Some may not be that blunt, they just aren’t ready for that yet.  Obama has to keep the issues in the fore-front if the Democrats want to win.  He’ll need to include Hillary and give her an appointment.  She is a valuable resource for the Democratic Party.  They need to figure out how to use her.  They’ll need to save face and ask for help. 


The Democratic Party has to express their moral values and their social values and use Hillary.  While Republicans focus on moral issues only to keep the Christian vote, Democrats will need to speak out about the moral issues and the social issues.  Now more than ever, Democrats need to reach out to God.


Before Rev. Jerry Falwell passed away, he stated on a CNN interview, that he believed social issues would be important this time around.  I believe that moral and social issues will always be the focus.


So watch the messenger of the message.  Everyone has something to gain.  Listen with a spiritual ear.  What is going on around you?  What do you have the power to change?  What things can’t you change?  Who is the best leader at this time?  I urge all Christians to pray and seek God before you vote!  God can use a Democrat or a Republican as long as they are saved.  If God is leading you to vote for McCain, then vote McCain.  If he is leading you to vote for Obama, vote for Obama.  Don’t be duped by political marketing strategies.  People are making backroom deals that we don’t know about.  Why would Pastors endorse McCain and not Huckabee?  The support had already been declared.  Why would Christian publicans endorse McCain after he denounced Parsley and Hagee?  God will reveal all truth if you seek him.  Don’t go by blind endorsements.


Which leader will best represent God’s values and his actions?  Ask yourselves these questions.  My prayer is that everyone will pray and seek God during this election season.  God can turn the heart of the king.  He can turn situations around.  Christians need to join together and pray.  I’m still praying and seeking God for wisdom and guidance.  You can’t go wrong with God. 


Remember, pray before you vote!


Freya S. Williams

Author of Pray Before You Vote!